Under design-build construction, Ball provides both design and construction services. We act as your single source for all aspects of the design and construction process, working closely with you through all phases of the project.

As an industry leader in the design-build process, our partnerships extend to leading architectural and engineering firms as well as consultants and all major subtrades. These collaborations allow us to:

  • Act as the single-point of responsibility for design (architecture and engineering) and construction.
  • Fully participate during the design process, resulting in a more cost-effective and constructible design.
  • Facilitate efficient communications between design and construction personnel, resulting in a smooth transition from design concept to construction.
  • Control scheduling for a shorter construction period.
  • Ensure the highest level of customer service.
  • Respond most effectively to changes within the construction industry.
Ball Construction’s Approach to Design-Build Construction

Ball Construction, along with our design partner, will meet with you at the outset of the project. We will confirm your needs assessment and develop a master plan. Research and programming are crucial during the early stages of a project in order to develop a successful design. During this phase, dialogue and detailed consultation with all stakeholders is essential to develop a core design principle. The full involvement of all team members stimulates ideas that may produce alternative conceptual approaches to meet your project objectives. These individual insights can assist you in fine-tuning your needs and prevent costly changes down the road. The design-build team works collaboratively to eliminate project risk, offering a smooth transition into the construction phase.

Through design-build construction, we maximize value and minimize waste for our client’s projects. We provide superior quality workmanship to finish the job to your complete satisfaction.

Ball Construction’s design-build team has a proven track record and is committed to providing a quality facility within the guaranteed price and schedule.

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