Kitchener Memorial Auditorium Renovation

Client City of Kitchener
Location 400 East Ave. Kitchener, Ont
Contract Type Design Build
Architect BBB Architects

Project Details

As part of a design-build renovation project, Ball added an extra 1,000 seats to The Aud (Kitchener Memorial Auditorium Complex).

The Challenge

This complex endeavour involved working within occupied premises. Consequently, there could be no disruptions because the auditorium needed to remain operational as the hockey season was still proceeding. This meant that time, sequencing, scheduling and space were all crucial variables that had to be taken into account.

The Ball Solution

To meet the deadline and ensure that the auditorium opened the following season, Ball first built on top of the existing building during the hockey season. Then, within a small window of time after the season ended, we punctured through the existing facility, tied the new structure into the former one and pulled out the old roof while constructing a new roof on top. This was all accomplished while working within a very confined space.

Ball successfully installed 1,000 additional seats in a recreational facility that looked like it had never been shut down. The Aud was fully functional and ready for the following busy season.