Lean Construction

Lean Construction is a transformational approach to designing and building facilities. It is used to facilitate planning and control throughout the construction process and to maximize value and minimize waste.

Ball Construction implements Lean principles from the design stage right through to final completion of the project, thus ensuring clients’ needs are met and the project is successful. Below are the key Lean construction features that set us apart from our competitors:

  • Project control. Instead of merely monitoring results, our proactive planning and performance system assures reliable workflow and predictable project outcomes, allowing us to accurately forecast real time budgets and timelines.
  • Performance maximization. We focus on the important goals of the project so that waste is curtailed and time is used efficiently thereby providing value to the project.
  • Collaborative planning. The customer, design team and construction team work together throughout the life of project. This streamlined approach leads to faster achievement of the goals of the owner and improved project completion times.
  • Coordinated action schedules. Through pulling and continuous flow, nothing is delivered or made until it is needed. As opposed to traditional scheduling procedures, this method ensures the project is completed on time.
  • Decentralized decision-making. Through transparency and empowerment, this involves providing all project participants with information on the state of the production systems and empowering them to take action. We use innovation tools such as BIM and other software to keep pace and meet the desired timeline.
  • Communication, openness and trust. These traits are nurtured within our team, to make sure that answers and information flow quickly to all parties involved in the project.

In summary, Lean construction uses a production management-based project delivery system, emphasizing the reliable and speedy delivery of value. We challenge the generally accepted belief that there are always trade-offs between time, cost and quality. All three are of the upmost importance for all our projects.

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