Construction Management


The construction management process allows us to create a partnership with you, the owner, and the appropriate project stakeholders and subcontractors.

Construction management can:

  • Centralize project control and responsibility.
  • Maximize communication and minimize conflicts.
  • Accelerate schedules by compressing a number of steps in the conventional process.
  • Full transparency of construction costs and collaborative budget control.

Our Approach to Construction Management

Over the course of many decades, we have developed a strong leadership advantage that propels project consistency. Ball’s approach to construction management is to foster a collaborative, non-adversarial and safe work environment. By working together through the design and construction document phases, we ensure all stakeholders have a clear understanding of project objectives.

Shop drawings are reviewed in detail by Ball staff prior to consultant reviews. Ball expedites material samples from the necessary trades and submits for approval, and site staff review design expectations and standards with subtrades while conducting daily reviews. Our code of conduct includes open dialogue and mutual respect for all team members, as we work jointly to establish standards of quality control for materials and assemblies.

Through lessons learned and a strong knowledge base, we recognize how to avoid project roadblocks and prevent minor problems from escalating into significant issues. When setbacks do arise, we are able to implement the correct measures to resolve issues in a mutually satisfactory manner.

Our construction management expertise, professionalism, and accountability, will help ensure your project is delivered safely and proficiently.

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