BWXT Canada Ltd. Expansion Project

Client BWXT Canada Ltd.
Location 581 Coronation Blvd., Cambridge, Ontario
Contract Type Construction Management
Year Completed End of 2025
Architect MTE Consultants

Project Details

Client Overview

BWXT Technologies, Inc. (BWXT) is a leading provider of nuclear power solutions, leveraging its unique manufacturing capabilities to meet global energy demands. Operating commercial nuclear manufacturing facilities in Mount Vernon, Indiana, and Cambridge, Ontario, BWXT is renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and rigorous adherence to industry standards. The Cambridge facility, certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, houses North America’s largest clean room for nuclear component assembly, ensuring the production of high-quality, long-lasting products. Specializing in custom engineering and manufacturing support, BWXT’s facilities comply with stringent regulatory requirements, delivering exceptional services to its clientele. For more information on BWXT click here.

Project Scope

The BWXT Canada Ltd. Expansion Project encompasses the construction of an 84,607 ft2 addition to the existing facility in Cambridge, Ontario. The expansion aims to enhance operational capabilities, notably increasing the clean room area by 40,200 ft2, expanding the boiler room by 33,900 ft2, and accommodating additional office and cafeteria space totaling 10,507 ft2. With a towering height of close to 70′, the building will feature large 350-ton cranes spanning 80′ across the floor space, facilitating efficient operations.


Several challenges characterize the BWXT Canada Ltd. Expansion Project, including the relocation of incoming power infrastructure and the integration of new construction with existing foundations. The project’s complexity is further compounded by the need to conduct operations seamlessly within the existing plant while the expansion is underway, necessitating meticulous safety protocols and coordination to mitigate risks effectively.

Project Approach

Ball Construction, as the construction management entity, adopts a comprehensive approach to ensure the successful execution of the BWXT Canada Ltd. Expansion Project. Leveraging its expertise in managing complex construction endeavors, Ball Construction prioritizes safety, efficiency, and quality throughout the project lifecycle. Close collaboration with the client, architects, and stakeholders enables proactive problem-solving and timely decision-making, essential for overcoming challenges and meeting project milestones. By employing innovative construction techniques and adhering to industry best practices, Ball Construction is committed to delivering a state-of-the-art facility that aligns with BWXT’s unparalleled standards of excellence.

The Ball Construction Difference

The BWXT Canada Ltd. Expansion Project represents a testament to collaborative partnership and unwavering dedication to excellence in construction management. With a focus on innovation, safety, and quality, Ball Construction, alongside MTE Consultants and other project stakeholders, is poised to realize BWXT’s vision of enhancing operational capabilities and meeting the evolving needs of the nuclear power industry. As the project progresses towards its scheduled completion by the end of 2025, the collective efforts of all involved parties will culminate in the successful delivery of a cutting-edge facility that exemplifies excellence in nuclear manufacturing and engineering.

For more information on this project and Ball Construction, please contact Liv Kelly.