Milton Sports Centre

Client Town of Milton
Location Milton, ON
Contract Type Build Design
Year Completed September 2011
Architect Tillman Ruth Robinson Architects

Project Details

New Construction of a 2-storey addition to the existing facility.  This project was split into two phases.  The first phase was fast-tracked as part of the government infrastructure project and included the arenas, gymnasium, administrative office and the dance studio.  The second portion of the project included the pools and the change rooms.

The structure is made up of several different assemblies; the arenas are a pre-eng building with insulated panels for the majority.  Other areas are made up of structural steel, masonry clad with siding and masonry veneer.  The pool, however, is structural steel columns with glulam beams, purlins and a wood deck to withstand the humid pool environment.  The exterior of the pool is clad with cement panels and metal siding for a very unique look

The Challenge

The construction of the ice rink slabs involved a lot of careful planning to ensure proper operation and structural integrity. A great deal of attention was put into properly grading out the base for installation of the insulation and rebar to allow the finishing of the concrete slab properly for a smooth finished product and ice surface.  Also, the project had some unique envelope challenges due to extreme environments such as the refrigerated arenas and the incredible humid pool areas.  Attention to details was significant to ensure proper air vapor installation and connection between materials.

The Solution

Dordan Mechanical proposed integrating the pool and ice rink refrigeration systems as the excess heat from the refrigeration compressors would ultimately heat the pool water.  A leading-edge geothermal loop to maximize energy efficiency was also installed to provide tempered water for the heat pumps that fed the slab piping that was used to heat the arenas and other tenant occupied spaces.