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Celebrating Safety: Ball Construction’s York University Neuroscience Project BBQ

On a sunny afternoon on June 5th 2024, the team at Ball Construction gathered at the York University Neuroscience Project BBQ to celebrate safety and community. The event welcomed 75 attendees, including site staff, office personnel, tradespeople, York University staff, and consultants, all coming together to recognize the importance of a safe working environment.

Signing the Jersey of Courage

A key moment of the BBQ was the signing of the Jersey of Courage from the League of Champions (LoC). Each attendee had the opportunity to sign the jersey, symbolizing their personal commitment to workplace safety. This tradition underscores the collective responsibility to maintain and prioritize safety on the job site. For more details on the inception of the LoC, you can visit Ball Construction’s League of Champions Introduction

Supporting a Friend in Need

In addition to celebrating safety, the BBQ served as a fundraiser for Tim Birnie, the owner of Birnie Electric, who is battling AML Leukemia. The Home Depot supported the event with a tent, various giveaways, and a $500 donation to Tim’s campaign. Several draw prizes added an element of excitement and helped raise additional funds for his cause.

A Community United

The York University Neuroscience Project BBQ was a meaningful gathering that highlighted the strength and unity of the construction community. The diverse group of attendees came together to celebrate safety and support a colleague in need, demonstrating the power of solidarity and mutual care in the workplace.

This event was a reminder of the importance of fostering a safe and supportive working environment and the positive impact that can be achieved when people unite for a common cause.

Here is the progress of the prestigious new Neuroscience facility at York University’s Keele Campus, in Toronto.

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