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Project Profile: Warrior House

Project Profile: Ball Construction’s Partnership with The University of Waterloo Warrior Home

Ball Construction played a vital role in assisting the University of Waterloo Warrior Home Student Design Team led by Pierre Roy in their collaboration with the Kitchener Urban Native Wigwam Program to retrofit a historic home in Kitchener, Ontario. This endeavor aimed to enhance the livability, comfort, energy efficiency and functionality of the home.

Project Scope:

The project focused on retrofitting a 1,440 ft2, century-old home to create a more energy-efficient, family-friendly, and open-concept living space. The primary goal was to design a home that would be comfortable, resilient, and affordable for its inhabitants while incorporating elements of indigenous culture and values into the design.

Partnerships and Collaboration:

Ball Construction’s involvement began with providing essential support in estimating, procurement, and scheduling, laying the groundwork for a successful project execution. Once construction commenced, Ball Construction continued to play a crucial role by offering on-site supervision, coordinating subtrades, and implementing professional safety measures, ensuring a smooth and efficient construction process.

The collaboration between Ball Construction, the Warrior Home Student Design Team, and the Kitchener Urban Native Wigwam Program exemplifies the power of partnerships in addressing complex societal issues such as affordable housing and energy efficiency.

Design Features:

The design of the Warrior Home reflects a deep understanding of indigenous culture and values, with attributes such as a galley kitchen promoting family-oriented spaces and a semi-open concept layout maximizing natural light and creating a sense of spaciousness within the home. The addition of an extra washroom and equalized room sizes further enhances functionality and comfort for the family.

Emphasis was placed on optimizing the layout of the second floor to create spacious bedrooms, maximizing usability and comfort. Additionally, by benching and underpinning the basement, the project transformed previously unused space into a versatile area suitable for various functions, such as study, play, or storage.

Achievements and Recognition:

The efforts of the University of Waterloo Warrior Home Student Design Team were recognized on an international stage, with the project winning first place in the engineering category at the Solar Decathlon Build Challenge sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. This accolade highlights the innovative and impactful nature of the project, showcasing the potential for collaborative efforts to drive positive change in communities.

The Ball Construction Difference:

Ball Construction’s partnership with the Warrior Home project exemplifies a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community impact. By leveraging expertise and resources, this collaboration has not only transformed a century-old home but also created a model for addressing housing challenges and promoting energy efficiency within indigenous communities.

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