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The Preston Community is Excited to see the Auditorium Receive the Refresh it Needs

The groundbreaking has officially commenced over at the Preston Auditorium! The Ball team has already been working hard, demolishing old features of the building, and creating a blank canvas for the renovations to begin. The Auditorium is receiving a complete revamp, improving the existing ice pad and change rooms, while also adding an NHL-size ice pad, additional seating, change rooms, washrooms and an office space.

Since the announcement of the renovation and addition to the Auditorium, Ball has received a great deal of positive feedback. The Preston Community is excited to see the Auditorium receive the refresh it needs, to keep serving the community! Several members of the community have reached out reminiscing on incredible memories made at the rink, and are looking forward to making new memories there.

The Preston Auditorium has served the community since the 70’s. More than 5 decades later, it is finally receiving the revamp it needs. The Auditorium is scheduled to be open to the public once again in 2025.

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