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Ball on Schedule to Deliver High Quality Facility to Cambridge Treats

As the Construction Management Team, Ball is looking forward to being a part of the future of Cambridge Treats as they expand into the Canadian market. Ball Construction has had a great deal of experience constructing similar facilities and we are confident we will deliver a quality building and an overall successful project for the owners, Cambridge Treats.

The building consists of a pre-engineered structure, approximately 2 storeys high featuring a two-level front office and a designated warehouse space in the back. The exterior facade presents a two-coloured Insulated Metal Panel system which compliments the industrial neighbourhood. The interior of the warehouse space will be divided into multiple rooms, constructed using Insulated Metal Panel walls and ceilings along with food-grade approved doors. To suit the different stages of the pet food processing and storage systems, each one of these rooms has been carefully designed to meet the specific temperature requirements of that processing stage. The office portion of the building includes vestibules, offices, locker rooms, quality and control rooms, and other spaces necessary for the operations of this facility.

Ball has been working with the owners and consultants from the start of the project, offering and bringing in professionals to complete various design aspects and to provide recommendations for building finishes and systems to suit the facility’s intended use. With a scheduled completion date for the Fall of this year, the Ball team is working diligently to ensure the timeline is met. To report the latest, Ball has recently self-performed and completed the concrete foundations. Followed by the ongoing erection of the structural steel for the pre-engineered building.

Cambridge Treats prides itself on being a “leading global manufacturer of high-quality pet treats”, and Ball strives to provide them with a high-quality facility, where they can continue to grow and produce a quality product.

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