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A New Space for Iconic Metal Gear

The renovations are almost complete for Iconic Metal Gear. The Small Contracts Division of Ball Construction took charge as construction managers, ensuring the vision that Iconic Metal Gear had was able to come to life with this expansion.

Iconic Metal Gear decided to make an exciting move to the building beside theirs, which would offer them more space to expand. With all this added floor space, Ball construction installed two new openings in the dividing wall, to allow for products and machines to be moved easier.

Ball was suited for this project as we had done similar work and maintenance on this building already. This is specialized work due to the masonry wall being structural, which requires a knowledgeable team to complete any sort of construction safely and efficiently.

It was not all smooth sailing, as there were issues with the current foundation in place. When preparing drawings and design concepts, there were a few unknown factors, and once the floor was opened it was discovered that these planned openings were located right above old train tracks. Thanks to some quick thinking, the team from Witzel Dyce Engineering was able to do a redesign allowing Ball to complete the footings.

Working in an occupied space always presents challenges. To ensure the safety of the occupants, it was necessary for Ball to tarp and install a dust seal around the construction zone

With this project approaching completion at the end of the month, we are happy that Iconic Metal Gear is pleased with the work completed, allowing them to officially take advantage of the larger space.