Pillers Sausage Distribution Centre, Waterloo

Client Pillers Sausages and Delicatessens
Location 443 Wismer St. Waterloo, Ontatrio
Contract Type Bid Spec.
Architect Stantec Consulting

Project Details

The Pillers distribution warehouse in Waterloo encompasses 13 loading docks as well as corporate offices. Ball completed this general contracting/bid spec project in 1999. 

The Challenge

The construction of coolers and freezers within a refrigeration plant posed unique challenges in terms of quality control of the building envelope.

The Ball Solution

We were uniquely suited to overcome all obstacles because as the local contractor we were able to work directly with the owner to create synergy and make decisions seamlessly.

We also worked with the City of Waterloo to convert a portion of the vacant lot into soccer fields, thus saving tax dollars for our client.

Ball completed this project within a tight timeline, meeting or surpassing all technical requirements on time and on budget. As a result, Ball has constructed all of Pillers’ buildings since, including numerous projects at multiple locations.