J.S. Gairdner Arena, Appleby College, Oakville

Client Appleby College
Location 540 Lakeshore Rd. W. Oakville Ontario
Contract Type Design-Build
Architect Barry Bryan Associates

Project Details

This design-build project included a rink slab replacement and a new refrigeration system. The 14,400-square-foot renovation was completed in October, 2013.

The Challenge

The arena was constructed in 1943 and the aging rink’s refrigerated floor slab was in dire need of replacement.

The project included removal of the existing concrete floor slab and residual frost. Excavation was necessary for the new sand installment. There needed to be a new sub-base, insulation, reinforcing steel, refrigerant piping and a concrete slab. As with any rink slab procedure, there is no room for error because slab tolerances for flatness without cracks are critical to functionality.

It was necessary to remove the existing rink boards. This meant the new rink slab apron had to be re-installed exactly as it was based on the design of the board system, or the boards would not fit into place.

The site was a large campus with the arena near the rear of the grounds. Movement of people, material and trucks was a concerning factor. The schedule was extremely tight, with completion connected to school exam schedules and facility rentals.

The Ball Solution

Ball supplied, installed and commissioned an under-slab heating system—the likes of which had not been there before—enabling flexibility with rentals and year-round ice as necessary.

We placed and finished the new rink and apron slab and re-installed the existing boards.

Ball implemented a site specific game plan that included traffic flows, delivery time windows and flag workers who monitored the movement of concrete trucks. Access points were secured to ensure curious students could not wander into an active construction zone. Bi-weekly meetings were held including additional safety orientations for new on-site trades.

Ball is proud to say that there were no lost time incidents on this project.