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Hamilton Water Treatment Plant will be Fully Operational Once Again

The Small Contracts Division of Ball Construction has been working diligently in Hamilton, Ontario, providing health and safety upgrades to the Hamilton Woodward Water Treatment Plant. Throughout the past century, Ball Construction has built quite a rapport working on Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants.

In the last four to five consecutive years, Ball has had a committed and consistent presence at the Hamilton plant, executing and completing multiple projects on both the water and wastewater sides. With our extensive knowledge of the plant and its processes, that we have gained over the years, Ball was the right team to tackle this upgrade.

The project’s scope of work is defined in two main areas, the Fluoride Building and Corrosion Control Building. The Fluoride building consisted of removing and replacing three dosing pumps, including electrical analysis, modifications, and integration into the City system, as well as installing a new gas monitor system.

In the Corrosion Control building, Ball relocated several pipes from a confined space to the opposite side of the wall, which was much more open, allowing for easier access for the City staff. In addition, an FRP ladder extension and a safety cage were installed on the existing ladders to provide safer.