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Three Classrooms Added to Conestoga’s Downtown Kitchener Location

Conestoga College’s Market Square campus, located on Frederick Street in Kitchener, Ontario, received an exciting addition of three new classrooms. The Small Contracts division of Ball Construction is pleased to announce that after moving quickly to accommodate a tight timeline, renovations are complete.

Working in conjunction with Neo Architecture, Ball was able to transform 7000 square feet of open space into three stunning college classrooms, two large bathrooms and one accessible bathroom. Out of the three classrooms, one is suited to replicate a hospital setting. This classroom is unique as it includes pieces of furniture and amenities found in a working hospital, such as hospital beds and dividing curtains.

Between the tight timeline and the added challenge of being in a central location with heavy foot traffic, Ball took extra steps to ensure the project moved quickly while still taking necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the public. Those extra steps included effective communication between Ball and its suppliers, confirming each trade had enough time and space to work efficiently, and working outside of traditional construction hours in order to limit disruptive noise throughout the working day.

Ball is thrilled with the outcome of the renovation and hopes that Conestoga students find their new classrooms to be amazing spaces in which to learn effectively and efficiently. Ball looks forward once again to working with Conestoga College and Europro in the future.