500kW Solar Panel Installation


Sustainable building means less water, less waste, less energy. We can help you to invest in environmentally responsible practices that will pay dividends in savings throughout the life of your facility.

We’re dedicated to upholding and innovating sustainable building practices through such certification programs as “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.” The LEED ® program is a green building rating system developed in the United States and adopted by the Canada Green Building Council. Six categories associated with facility design and construction correlate to levels of environmental benefits.

In April 2005, the Region of Waterloo declared that all new Regional buildings larger than 500 square metres of occupied space would be constructed to the Silver level defined by the internationally accepted LEED standard.


LEED standards include:

  • Choosing sustainable building sites, minimum site disturbance, and redevelopment of the brownfield sites (abandoned or underused industrial and commercial lands).
  • Efficient use of water, including rainwater harvesting and drought-resistance landscaping.
  • Energy & atmosphere controls such as CO2 monitoring and entropy heat recovery.
  • Focus on renewable, recycled or non-toxic materials.
  • Maximizing indoor environmental air quality by minimizing toxic compounds, etc.
  • Using innovative systems and design processes such as green cleaning, renewable energy, and green roofs.

We recently built our new office, warehouse, and equipment facility based on LEED standards, with such features as a high-R-value roof, tight building envelope, and LED lighting. The design incorporates 16-inch thick exposed concrete walls throughout the entrance lobby and a poured concrete reception desk.

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